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Magic Holdem

Published on Saturday, January 30, 2010 by

Magic Holdem 4


Playing poker is fun until you start losing money. And then it’s only fun until you run out of money. Even if one plays Texas Hold em free online, winning is still more fun than losing. An odds calculator can’t come up with money. It cannot do the bluffing. An odds calculator like MagicHoldem can, however, help players learn how to play Texas Hold em online.

Most poker websites will let players play Texas Hold em free with “play” money. A player can continue to play Texas Hold em free or switch over to real money if wanted. Either way, players can keep their money longer. They can do this by paying attention to online poker software showing them what the odds look like.

Magic Holdem 4 is an odds calculator that shows updated odds while playing Texas hold em online. This online poker software is simple to install. It runs alongside the regular poker game in the browser window. This odds calculator runs automatically when you start a poker game online. The player does not have to remember to open it or start it.

Online poker software to improve your play in Texas Hold em.

The interface is visually streamlined and easy to read without being a distraction. An online odds calculator like the Free Magic Holdem 4 takes the learning curve out of playing poker. Players can enjoy playing from the get-go without worrying about losing all their chips. By checking their decision with MagicHoldem, players can gain confidence as they build their understanding of poker odds.

Holdem Tool

Magic Holdem 4 helps by displaying win odds, hand odds, outs odds, and pot odds. Before the flop, the player’s hole hands are ranked in both groups and in individual standings. Magic Holdem shows the player’s overall win odds which helps make snap decisions on folding, raising, or checking.

The breakdown in hand odds shows the chance that various hands could appear to win the game. Based on the community cards, Magic Holdem displays the chances that other players could make various hands in the game as well. For example, in this screenshot, the player already has a straight after the flop. With that, he or she currently has an 84.7% chance of winning. The Raise/Re raise strip suggests that the player should raise when it is time to bet. Other players have a 5.8% chance to make a flush or a 7.3% chance of making a full house. Both hands would beat the player’s straight.

Many people playing Texas hold em free online never bother to improve their winnings by understanding poker odds. They figure poker odd are too hard to understand or to figure out. With MagicHoldem, the player can learn about poker odds incrementally. At the same time, the poker players can have good times as they play Texas hold em online.

The New and improved online poker software, start the real game in online poker.

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