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Latest Poker Software & Tools

Published on Friday, September 20, 2013 by

Top Five Latest Poker Software & Tools


Anyone who wants to know how to play poker would have to first download poker software and other necessary tools from the Internet. As per the latest trending activities within the online poker industry, people are now making use of several poker tools to maximize their earnings. However, not many players are able to find the right software program that meets their needs. The decision of choosing the right poker tool is, therefore, very crucial for a player. Fortunately, there are some elite and chic software programs that can make the overall poker-gaming experience smoother and fun.

A lot of people love to play online poker. In fact, they even go for poker download software applications in order to enjoy different games in the offline mode, thereby increasing the popularity of this game. Some of the most comprehensive and top five poker software and tools are discussed below.


Poker Tracker 3

Poker Tracker 3 is one of the best poker tools available on the Internet. Anyone wishing to be part of poker online will certainly have to download the program. It has the great Omaha and Hold’em edition, which is meant to encompass the two most famous poker variations available online. In fact, it easily tracks every hand that is played around. The best thing about this program is that it has diverse HUD that displays player statistics for every session; it even shows the sessions of the opponents. This, as a result, helps a player keep a check on the progress of the game. This program functions well with poker tournaments of all other kinds. It easily tracks player wins and helps him understand the game’s progress. It is an amazing tool to track down the games played by the opponent, so that you can have the right information for due interpretation.


Calculator Pro

One can easily win some huge bucks via poker, provided all the poker rules are followed properly. However, downloading a sound poker tool is also quite essential for being successful at the game. Calculator Pro is a software application meant for playing poker, and which is highly recommended by the experts, as well. The tool is quite customizable, with the ability to adjust or alter every piece of information. The software tool also gives out certain tips and tricks relating to poker. Apart from the customization, there are several other features of the tool, which would definitely keep everyone satisfied. The makers of this program have also ensured that there are no compromises at all on the user experience front.


Magic Holdem

Those who are aware or who play Texas Holdem poker on Facebook  would definitely be aware of the highly addictive nature of the game. This addiction to the game can result in huge losses, if one does not tread through strategically. Magic Holdem is a program meant for the hardcore poker players who wish to make it big within the gambling industry. This program works on more than 250 poker rooms. Those who are not too keen on keeping an eye on statistics will surely love this poker software.


SitnGo Wizard

SitnGo Wizard is another spectacular program that is known for offering visually appealing poker tools. It also comes with a static HUD that gauges the strengths of the player. It is an award-winning program, and is regarded as one of the best programs to have been designed in the history of the poker industry. The best thing about this tool is that it offers large numbers of games and several rooms to play in, giving you more chance to win a hefty bonus in the process.


Holdem Indicator

Holdem Indicator is a software program with a lot of potential, if one goes with what the experts have to say. It helps calculate hand equities in a rather instant manner, which makes playing specific hands very easy for a bettor. Both the tools are available for absolutely no cost, and so a player doesn’t really have to spend a huge chunk of his income for downloading the program. Anyone who wishes to earn more with very little investment can opt for these gaming tools.

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