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A Beginner’s Guide Into Slots Paylines and Bankrolls

Published on Monday, September 23, 2013 by

A Beginner’s Guide Into Slots Paylines and Bankrolls

Online slots are one of the most fun and exciting activities that gaming enthusiasts can enjoy. Whether you are interested in an engaging hand of free slots or instead your preference revolves around hitting the jackpot, these games certainly will not disappoint. Indeed, even the notion of hitting a multi-million dollar payout can keep you entertained for hours. However, what are the odds of retiring at an early age due to such luck? Perhaps a better question can be as to whether online slot machines are based on “luck” alone or if there is a certain amount of strategy involved that can help maximize your chances of winning. As you may have guessed, luck will certainly play a significant part of your chances. Nevertheless, understanding what are known as paylines and bankrolls will have a definite impact on your success. Let us take a look at how these two are related to one another.


What is a Payline?

In the game of slots, a payline is a certain configuration of symbols that need to align in order for you to collect a reward. For instance, you may match three gold bars horizontally and win a bonus spin. Understanding this concept is not as simple as it may appear. Just as the game of Texas Hold ‘Em can be won with handy electronic tools, you can also increase your chances of winning at slots by capitalizing on paylines.

You might have noticed that online slot machines will usually have more than one payline. There may be similar lines which run vertical and diagonal. What is the significance of these? To put it simply, these lines will provide you with more chances to win. The more lines that are made available, the higher the probability that the individual reels will match these lines and offer you a valuable reward. With the advent of newer and more advanced electronic machines, the number of these lines has likewise increased.


Playing Smart as Opposed to Hard

One of the biggest mistakes that novices tend to make is to erroneously believe that they should not choose to play the maximum number of paylines. They are under the false impression that they will burn through a bankroll quicker by this strategy. In fact, you should instead maximize the amount of paylines that you choose but place a smaller wager on each round. The result is obvious: you will be increasing the odds of the reels aligning and hitting one (or more) paylines. Whether you play 3D slots or a more traditional game, this thinking should be the same.

While this may be obvious, you may also be confused as to which strategy you should employ when dealing with a limited bankroll. It is first important to remember that as with any casino game, the odds will be naturally stacked against you. So, be conservative in your approach.

First and foremost, only bring a certain amount of money and never withdraw more than you originally set aside. After you have exhausted approximately one-third of your original cash, take a step back and see how well you performed. Did you lose nearly all of your funds, did you break even or are you significantly ahead? If you find that you have lost the majority of the initial third, you can either choose to stop playing or lessen the amount that you will bet in the future. If you have broken even, continue on. If you are ahead, immediately set aside this money for future play and continue in the same method as before. Similar advice can be found on various social media groups dedicated to slots.

internet poker

Take a look at slot review sites to find the most respected portals. In fact, the best place to begin is by taking a look at an example of a slot review of this popular casino game at The winning combination may be closer than you think!

Finally, never forget that no two gaming sites are alike. Some may offer higher payouts and more interesting games than others. While some players may choose to utilize a number of rather advanced methods to increase their winnings in other games, the best tool that you possess is your own mind and how you approach the game.

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