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Holdem Indicator

Published on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 by

Holdem Indicator


The holdem indicator software is very simple to use and it is perfect for the newbie as well as experienced poker professionals but if you have been using poker tools and fully understand how they function then you may proceed to make use of complex tools like Hold’em Genius, Hold’em Manger, Poker Office and others. I have tested virtually all of them so that I knew which one would work with which poker room.

Nevertheless, Hold’em indicator is an essential poker tool that provides great stats, odds and outs. The Indicator tool surely can improve your game skills and increase your chances of winning. The tool’s interface is user-friendly and provides great features to the user.

This online poker indicator software is compatible to several online poker rooms and it provides analysis of your hand during game play even when the poker table is minimized. The tool is capable of collecting hand histories and in this way, it categorizes the players in groups as Aggressive players, Solid players, shark, Fish and so on.

poker indicator

The feature of collecting opponents hand histories and providing analysis on the opponents is one of the main features of the holdem indicator that has made it to become popular amongst online poker players. The Hold’em Indicator provides you with opponent’s information – how often does he fold, raise or re-raise (pre-flop and post-flop). The tool is able to predict whether you are playing with a pro, a newbie or the fish. Poker is all about math, the tool provides you with several information and analysis hence increasing your chances of winning and giving you a greater advantage during game play.

Other features provided by the Hold’em Indicator include – your hand’s Expected Value (EV), the show of opponent’s cards after a player has folded. The tool provides you with your total outs and odds per each hand dealt.


This a powerful poker tool that provides great stats, odds and outs. One major function of the tool is analysis of your opponents and analysis of opponents hand histories. The holdem indicator software provides several features and all information is delivered in real-time. The tool is capable of categorizing opponents in their way of play and this way, you will be able to select the fish and build a good bankroll. The tool gives you an advantage over your players and it provides you with gaming advice during game play.

  • Player Profile Icons:

    Calling Station Calling Station (Slightly Loose, Passive)

    Fish Fish (Loose, Passive)

    Gambler Gambler (Slightly Loose, Aggressive)

    Good Player Good Player (Tight, Solid, Aggressive)

    Loose Loose, Aggressive

    Neutral Neutral, Aggressive, Overplay

    Solid Neutral, Aggressive, Solid

    Passive Neutral, Passive

    Slightly Loose Slightly Loose, Neutral

    Rock Rock (Tight, Passive, Solid)

    Tight Tight, Aggressive, Overplay

    Neutral Tight, Neutral

    Overplay Tight, Passive, Overplay

    Not sure yet Not sure yet


This Holdem Poker Indicator always worked smoothly and never suffered.

Holdem Indicator Video

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