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All of the poker tools featured here are legal to use and will help you become a better player. Read the reviews to find the tool that suited best for you, watch demo videos from poker calculators to poker trackers, Indicators or profiling software. All software listed here are supported from the most recommend major poker rooms and networks, legal and free to download.

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Beware the advice of successful poker players…they don’t want company.  In other words, don’t look for good advice among your friends who are better than you at poker.  The better you are the less money they will win.  For good poker playing wisdom there are dozens of books that one can buy.  Odds calculators or risk losing big money.  Serious online poker players have the advantage of poker pro almost actually in their pocket.

This personal odds calculator does all the mathematical heavy lifting that poker authors find so valuable. Holdem calculator will look at the cards you have been dealt and immediately display the odds your hand has of winning in most poker rooms. Along with the odds, it will dole out advice on what the player should do with their hand.  As we all know the landscape of the game can change very quickly.  A bad flop can neuter some very strong hole cards, and visa-versa.  At each phase of the game (The deal, the flop, the turn, and the river) Software poker software recalculates to display your chances of victory.

How does a online poker tool do this? It utilizes the patent pending Odds Calculation Method. This is the accurate technology available of its kind.

Holdem Tool

Other poker odds calculators build their products using one of two methods. The most popular method is to run game simulations. A computer will play thousands and thousands of hands at a high speed, and determine what the odds are that a particular hand will win. The second method relies on calculations without the simulation. This method works well for pre-flop play. Odds calculators builds both methods into its technology, making it the precise product available.

In the short term, online poker pot odds calculators and trackers will help you win more won hands and build a bigger bankroll.  In the long run this product will make you a better poker player.  Nobody could ask for anything more out of an odds calculator.