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Free Bingo Tactics

Published on Friday, April 1, 2011 by

Toolcase of a Bingo Legend 

Many a dewy-eyed poker player has come unstuck against rivals greater versed in the nuances of strategy and tactics. Hosts of poker directories will highlight the need for strategy in the game, taking care to focus on mathematics and probability of winning hands against the other players at any stage of the match. Yet players new to the game bingo may be surprised to learn that there is as much a need for strategy in their beloved game as there is in poker.


Perhaps the wisest move for any new player is to try their hand at a game of free bingo. Not only will this minimise outlay, but will also furnish them with the chance to try things. Experience is a vital ingredient when perfecting skills in any game, and bingo is no different. The simple science of it holds that general mental agility and cognition are vastly improved through playing bingo, so the more games played will prove proportionate to success rate.

 Playing Bingo

During play, it is wise to take note of how to maximise efficiency. Most sites will have an auto-daub function, which allows any numbers called to be marked off all cards held by one player. The computer, in effect, plays in place of the gamer ( they do, after all, have much faster reactions!) and displays all numbers marked in-game along with any winning tickets. Of course, gamers may prefer to mark the cards themselves, thus exerting greater influence on the game. Some special games will disable auto-daub functions to make the game more authentic, but fear not! Any such games will be clearly highlighted lest players assume auto-daub is on and wander off assuming their account or avatar is in control.


A Progessive Online Bingo provider such as K1 will also promote special offers. These could be higher prizes at free games, special purchase offers on cards, progressive jackpots or any or all of these things combined. A canny strategist will take note of these promotions and know exactly when and where to play. Why pay for one card when one purchase could yield another for free? Likewise, bingo sites will usually display the number of players logged in to a room. Playing against fewer players for smaller returns may therefore prove a strong strategy against playing for large prizes against hundreds of players.


Another great avenue to explore is perhaps the simplest – talking to other gamer’s. Online bingo players are famously inclusive, and part of the allure of modern bingo is the social aspect of the game. Site veterans and administrators are usually more than willing to offer hints and tips to new players to help them get to grips with the game.


Whatever a player’s aims when joining a bingo site – whether it is for social contact, prizes or both – the one guarantee that comes with an online bingo account is that there is much fun to be had along the way.

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