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Where are Online Casinos legal?

Published on Thursday, April 26, 2018 by

Where are Online Casinos legal?

Ever since 1994, the world of the internet and the laws of the world have been adjusting and adapting to the burgeoning world of online casino in order to stay ahead of the curve as gambling moved online. From the early days of InterCasino all the way to the modern titans like the Online Casino, the legislation surrounding online casinos has been prone to rapid shifts and changes across the globe. While some countries adapted brilliantly, the U.K being a prime example, other countries have been a bit further behind the curve and are still adapting to the rapid progress of the online gambling world. This naturally means that, across the world, different laws and legislation are in place and will have a dramatic effect on your ability to play online casino games depending on where you are.

For a long time, casinos in general have been operating in dubious legal positions with a large number of countries banning them outright and the few that do permit them having strict regulations. The most famous example, historically, is probably Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. The small kingdom of Monaco bucked a large-scale trend in Europe by continuing to legalize gambling while governmental bans were obliterating casinos from France, Germany and other major nations. It’s claimed that the reason Monte Carlo uses a single zero on their roulette wheel is because the Blanc brothers of Germany fled to Monaco with their single 0 wheel and set up shop there. Las Vegas is a similar story where what had been a small town exploded thanks to its borderline monopoly on quality casino entertainment and reputation as a haven for gambling and fun!

This model is still seeing use in the modern day with Macau in China being a clear example of a modern country following the same trends. While China doesn’t allow gambling by itself, it’s legal on the one small island with many junk operators in order to ferry the wealthy patrons across easily. Macau now dwarves even Las Vegas in terms of revenue! But nowadays, casinos are almost commonplace across the globe with only a few places having them down as illegal!

To help you get an idea how the modern world feels about casinos, we’ve got this brilliant interactive atlas that lets you see how each region of Earth feels about gambling in general terms! Well worth doing if you plan to play while on holiday.



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