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Table Shark

Published on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 by

Table Shark


Table Shark – Table Selection Tool. If you are an online poker player who always finds difficulty in selecting you poker table in relation to your bankroll then you have to consider Table Shark. Table Shark helps you on your table selection and provides you with a table that can boost your bankroll. It provides you with the most profitable tables available and it is supported by several online poker rooms.

Table Shark filters its search based on players per flop, hands per hour, and average pot size.  One interesting aspect about Table Shark is that it works hand in hand with your online poker tracking software.

The Software

The software helps its users to search for tables that suit their game style and players save time by not having to open several tables checking activity of game play. Table Shark is powered and developed by Poker Pro Labs. The software works on major online poker rooms and works hand in hand with your Hold’em Manager or Poker Tracker providing better and clear stats.

The download and installation of the software is easy and simple. You have a trail period to test the software whether you should purchase it or not and the trial program allows players to make use of all functions offered by the full version. Once installed, the software will synchronize itself with your poker tracking software and it gets to import all the data from your PostgreSQL database.

poker table finder

The software is very fast and reliable and categorizes table based on number of hands per hour, players to the flop percentage and average pot size. The software provides table ranks that will certainly increase your chances of winning and boosting your bankroll. Your winning skills become more when the tool is hand in hand with your poker-tracking tool to provide more stats and information.

Online Poker Information

Table Shark provides you with detailed information on how the tables are and whether they are profitable or not and with the help of a tracking tool, information such as loose players available on the table would certainly be of great advantage hence, you get to avoid playing with tight poker players.


Table Shark Features:

– Users are able to filter their search based on game type, poker site, stakes, players per flop, hands per hour and average pot size.

–  Players are able to customize the table setting to suit their style of play.

–  The software can be used on the following variants – Hold’em, RAZZ, Omaha, and mixed games.

– It offers a free trial before you purchase the software.

Table Shark helps its users to choose the right poker table with the weakest players.

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