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Poker Edge

Published on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 by

Poker Edge 5

Poker Edge has aplenty computers compiling player data non stop. This software gives you access to this massive database of online poker players, and displays those stats and icons right onto your table. Find their weaknesses, strengths, poker profiling software, like poker edge is a must have, because in poker information is everything. If you use this information that this tools gives, you will be very hard to beat. If you want to make more profit at online poker, this tool is your secret weapon. With Poker Edge you can easily increase your winnings by tracking your opponent’s stats and game, this software do anything for you.

Poker-Edge 5 is one of the most popular poker tools in the industry. The program is simple to download and install it on to your PC. All you have to do is drag and drop it into your online poker room and it starts delivering stats, odds, outs and opponents information in real-time. Poker-Edge is a software that can give a poker player an added advantage over his or her opponents during game play and it certainly improves your gaming skills.

Cash & Tournament Online Poker Tool

The Poker-Edge software works on any Hold’em games including real money Tournaments & SNG’s, easy to use and understand. All you have to do is to click the shortcut and start the program the rest does this tool oneself and gives you access to biggest database of player statistics on the poker tool market. This poker software shows you the strengths, weaknesses, aggression factor and more statistic over your opponents in real time directly at your table! Armed with knowledge your a step closer to become a poker pro.

poker tracker

Most recommend Tool on the Market

Poker Edge 5 is supported by over 100 online poker rooms and as the biggest online poker player database. Users are able to create a profile.  This software is useful for  pro and novice poker players.

The new Poker-Edge 5 is available for free, download and give it a try. The software is easy to download and install it on your PC and it comes with a guide on how to use it and to include detailed information on all functions.

The tool provides several notifications and these include – a notification on soft tables available, the fish and so on.  The tool provides a 24hr online support system to help users anytime when they need help. If you are looking for a great online poker tool, Poker Edge 5 should be included in your list.

Poker Edge 5 provides a forum to its users, you are able to read other player’s opinions about the software, and the forum will help you on how effective you can make use of the Poker Edge 5 tool. Users are able to purchase the tool on a monthly base or three months or yearly.

Tracks over 1 MILLION online poker players.

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