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Poker Crusher

Published on Monday, August 23, 2010 by



Poker Crusher is a poker odds calculator and Tracker supported by over 100 online poker rooms. The poker tool tracks opponents hands and delivers stats, information about the opponent in real-time. Poker Crusher is capable of tracking over a million hands and providing detailed analysis and stats about the player or opponent. This tool helps players to increase their chances of winning as well as sharpening your poker skills.

All you have to do is click the search bar on your poker tracker and it will provide you with detailed information and analysis about your opponents. Poker Crusher helps you to understand your weaknesses and improve your game play. The tool acts as an online poker tutor and it will be right next to you during game play giving you an advice on each hand played. If you certainly need to improve your poker skills, consider using poker crusher.

poker tracker

Poker Crusher Features

– It is supported by over 100 online poker rooms

– The database is updated on a daily base 24/7

– It provides you with the softest online poker table available

– It improves your game play by showing you leaks and ways on how to avoid such leaks

Poker Crusher offers a free trial period to its users and you have the ability to make use of all functions during the trial period.  The software categorizes type of players by icons that are simple and straightforward and you get the privilege of deciding which players to face or avoid playing with.

Poker Crusher shows you the weakness betting patterns and strength of your opponents and this information can be used at your advantage to increase your bankroll favorably. Poker Crusher has a database of over 3.5 million players, it keeps being updated on a daily base, and all stats are delivered to you in real-time. Just by sitting at the poker table, the tool automatically shows your opponents style of play (green fish, mouse, shark, tight aggressive) by the use of icons.

this online poker tracker is for Texas Hold’em and includes all variants – Pot Limit, No-Limit, and Fixed Limit Hold’em. Players are able to adjust the setting to suit their style of play and filter the stats accordingly. One interesting feature about Poker Crusher is that you are able to hide your screen name from other players and it makes use of the latest security technology at which the software hides that you are using tracking software.


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