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Poker Calculator Pro

Published on Friday, September 3, 2010 by

Poker Calculator Pro

There’s an easier way to WIN MORE MONEY playing poker!

Poker Calculator ProThe simple truth about winning in online poker is that the most winning players are using an poker odds calculator to make better and quicker decisions. You don’t need any skills to know more about your opponents and steal their pots. It’s not important anymore how skilled you are to win the most money, stay one step ahead of the competition. This Software is not just an odds calculator. Poker Calculator Pro is the most advanced calculator you can find in the net.


This poker tool is developed by Texas Calculatem and has become to be one of the most popular online poker tools with over 25 000 players making use of this tool. The Poker Calculator Pro is accepted by over 100 online poker rooms.

Poker Calculator Pro – Features

– Delivers odds calculations for pots, winning on next card, and your hand.

– It shows you your hand odds and outs

– Odds of winning on the river

–  Provides betting advice

– drag and drop feature to easily attach to the poker room

The Poker Calculator Pro is available in 2 modes – mini mode and full mode.

Poker Calculator Pro – Mini Mode: With the mini mode feature, you are able to visualize your hand, players in, the cards in play, players folded, odds to win and total outs. The max resolution for the mini mode is 800×600.

Poker Calculator Pro – Full Mode:

The full mode delivers full access to all the features of the Poker Calculator Pro. The top part interface provides you with your hand cards and the cards in game play / community cards.

The center section provides detailed analysis of the game to include the odds and outs of your hand. This section provides advice on how top play your hand and provides information such as the pot. Vs call, draw to win, and other statistical data.

The bottom section is specifically for the odds of the game and provides useful calculations such as the odds on the next card, the table, the odds on the river and the deck.

Some of the functions can be customized to suit your gaming skills and this should be done when you have fully understood how the system works because altering the functions can cost you a lot during game play. One interesting aspect is that the functions can be adjusted to suit you game style of play.


Customer Testimonials

It increased my poker winnings for sure. I’m at airports playing now on laptop and travelling than at home.  I definitely recommend Poker Calculator Pro to my friends.

Poker Calculator Pro

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