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How To Win Sit And Go’s

Published on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 by

Sit N Go Tournament Strategy

As a poker player, you certainly need to adopt a perfect strategy that will always make you win effectively. Poker is a game of skill and it requires math. For Sit N Go Tournaments, you should use several strategies during game play because you will get to face different types of opponents.

The main objective is to accumulate more chips during the first round. The first round determines your strength in winning a tournament. At most, the first stages of Sit N Go usually have several types of players, some who are good, and others who know nothing.

During the fist stages, you should be able to adopt a strategy that will enable you to accumulate more chips than others.

The best strategies to be used in this tournament is Lag (Loose – Aggressive) at early stages and then change to (Tag) Tight-Aggressive at later stages. During the early stages, loose aggressive play should be employed with other advanced strategies such as bluffing, position advantage, counting outs and many others. At this stage, playing a tight aggressive game play is usually not profitable because the blinds are very low and the pot size is not huge enough to double your bankroll quickly.


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LAG poker game play enables you to play several hands during the early stages and if played properly, you can increase your bankroll gradually. However, during the early stages, many players play a loose – aggressive game play and you certainly have to analyze your opponent’s game play. Playing a weak hand is not loose aggressive but a weak hand such as the hammer (2/7), presto (5/5) can guarantee you to win a few pot or more.

As the stages advance, the blinds increase and this is the time you get to face the passive and tight-aggressive players. You should automatically change your game play to (TAG) Tight-Aggressive, hence, you should only play high hands. Playing Tight-aggressive, is the best poker game style to combat the last stages of the tournaments. At later stages, you can build an effective bankroll by winning one or more hands and at the same time, your bankroll can be eroded in a short time. Therefore, with TAG poker game style,

Sit N Go tournaments are packed with great action. In order for you to adopt winning strategies, you certainly have to play these tournaments most often.  Practice makes work perfect and it improves your poker games skills.


What’s this easy-to-use secret for beating Sit and Go tournaments online ? The answer is Patience ! The truth is, winning at Sit and Go’s is pretty easy. Ready to clean out the fishes at the online poker room of my choise. What I want to discuss here is why Patience is so important for Sit and Go’s.

First four types of poker playing styles:

1. Tight-Passive
2. Tight-Aggressive
3. Loose-Passive
4. Loose-Aggressive

Your style should be tight-aggressive in order to be good. You can play a Sit and Go online tourneys anytime. This means there is only a low risk to lose, since you can easily just move on to the next online poker game.

Your goal for these games should be to place in the money as much as possible. Period. So why risk chips on silly hands early on?

Play hands when you know you have the best odds of winning, bet before the flop with Aces, Kings and Queens this will increase your profits at the end.

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