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How to Calculate Pot Odds

Published on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 by

How to Calculate Pot Odds in any Poker Game


In poker, a pot represents the amount of money that players bet through a single hand or game. Pot odds are the ratio of the present amount of the pot to the cost of an anticipated call or match a bet or a raise. Just like for instance, when a pot holds a sum of $1000 and a player should call $100 to stay in the hand, therefore the player has a 1000-to-100, or 10-to-1  (10:1 ratio), pot odds. Pot Odds are usually contrasted to the chances of winning a hand with the upcoming card so that it can approximate the call’s expectation value. Certainly, an ordinary use of the word is simply to convey that one “has pot odds”, its significance suggests the current pot odds, in contrast to one’s approximated chance of winning, to make it advantageous to call.

How to calculate pot odds is usually the question of most people who are not really sure yet of the situation. One has to start calculating in determining the possibilities and the chances of how a player is going to win in a certain call.

In playing poker, one has always been confronted with an idea of whether to call or fold a bet. Another step to find out whether to call is to check if the odds of winning correspond or go beyond the odds of getting the cards you called for a winning hand.  Swiftly estimating whether the pot odds one has been dealing with will turn out to be more advantageous is significant to a long while to gain victorious approach. In other terms, you only had to bet when you think you will surely win eventually.

In acquiring the knowledge to exactly calculate pot odds is a basic prerequisite of Texas Hold’em. As the calculation employed to estimate odds may seem frightening and alarming of a new player, it actually is not too difficult as it seems. In reality, very often, one only requires to understand the basic calculation to reckon out your odds.

There are poker rooms that are recommended to exercise how to calculate pot odds. These rooms includes: Tight Poker’s Rooms, PokerStars, Party Poker, Winner and William Hill. PokerStars has created world winners and best players. Full Tilt Poker is the place for the biggest set of world’s great online poker players. Most of them employed this poker odds folio to improve their calculation skills off the table in advance before embarking to their games on the table.

An online poker player should know the procedures and the techniques in calculating pot odds as these can be the basis in making bets to every poker game. Once, a player has learn the techniques through long practice in online poker playing, it would be just easy for him to take any bets, as his mind is already too quick to calculate the pot odds before betting a call. This would be crucial to any online poker player, particularly when he is still a novice in online poker playing. He has to learn the trade of calculating the odds and master the techniques to improve and enhance his knowledge in online poker.

You DON’T need to be a genius to understand poker odds…

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