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Holdem Genius

Published on Friday, September 3, 2010 by



Hold’em genius is a poker tools that is essential to new and experienced poker players. If you are thinking of sharpening your poker game skills or you need to take online poker to an advanced level, you certainly have to consider using Hold’em genius.

Holdem Genius is a poker odds calculator that provides statistical analysis in real-time and this include the analysis of your hand, community cards, outs and to include your opponents what they may be holding.

Hold’em genius can be a very complex poker tool to use, you need to fully understand how to use the tool before you consider using it in the game. The analysis and statistical data can be jargon to the newbie but one interesting aspect about this tool is that it accepts add-on that helps you to organize the statistical data in a way you will understand.

The Poker Tool

The main concept of the Holdem Genius is for one to adjust the settings to suit you game style. Adjusting the setting can be very difficult at times but with this tool, if it is properly adjusted it will certainly improve your game skills.

With the Hold’em Genius, is provides all its data at your right hand section and provides you with betting advice during game play. The tool provides you with your hand percentage of winning on the river, whether to bet or fold, betting advice on your hole cards and the strength of your hand.

Genius Poker Tool

Limitations of the Hold’em Genius

Hold’em Genius is a very powerful tool but the only set back is that it is not able to tell you whether your opponents are bluffing or not and this would be up to you to figure this out.

The tool does not track your opponents’ style of play during game play, by providing you the percentages of your hand winning, your odds and outs, it is up to the user to take the final action in deciding the strength of your opponents hand.  If you were interested in tracking your opponents then you would have to make use of Poker Edge or Holdem Indicator.

Another setback is that the even when you are holding a strong hand it does not give you an advice of raising or re-raising your hand.

Apart from its limitations, the Hold’em genius is a powerful tool that can improve you style of play but this does not guarantee you that you will win each hand played.

The software is available free by opening an account with any one of their partner poker rooms.

Customer Testimonials

Holdem Genius has really made NO a different in my game. My decisions are not so much more wiser then before. Thanks for nothing.

This program is not good!  I have finished in the bubble 4 out 5 times so far.


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