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Hand HQ

Published on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 by

online poker hands

Hand HQ Review

With Hand HQ you can now view, analyze and evaluate previous hand histories and learned from your mistakes. As a player myself, I just cannot imagine to go on playing without the support and direction of Hand HQ hand histories after having been using it for a lot of times since getting it free a few months ago. It would be hard to imagine after being a big help and an ally in guiding and handling hand histories and providing poker players to make use of this product potential. An online poker player can be somewhat skittish when on a verge of a very electrifying and exciting online game. Today, more online poker players have now realized the importance of hand histories. And new poker tools was launched to back up and support online poker players to win more, such as HandHQ.

Poker Hand Histories

Hand HQ is the latest upgraded and perfected hand history tool to dispense better capacity, precision and efficiency
in its functions and operations in monitoring, recording and converting several hand movements, developments, accomplishments
and undertakings that is happening within online poker rooms. The effect, consequence and the outcome can subsequently be shared,
attached, posted and send as files to various web folios, emails, blogs or impart and disclosed on poker forums.
A hand history converter backs up and assists virtually all online poker rooms and networks where anybody can play poker online.
With the hand history converter, anybody can view the completely great archive of
hands that have been converted and collected, combined, joint, and shared. With this tool everything is possible.

Hand HQ Features

Hand HQ poker software by, checks, watches, observes, and keeps an eye on pokers’ hand histories
while you are attending some errands or having to do some important chores.
It monitors tables at carefully chosen stakes, stows, and stockpiles all poker hand activities while you are out sleeping.
Hand HQ is electronically linked to some poker table site and spontaneously reads hands on any on running and in forcing
poker tables that equal your location and fodder them inside Poker Tracker, the important digital poker software.
Subsequently, Hand HQ functions on any vision less point that anybody can follow a fiery, anticipated and intensified high stakes
games at full Tilt Poker, with poker celebrities and icons such as: Stu Ungar, Daniel Negraneu, Phil Ivey, and Gus Hansen.
These icons really impress me to the core. And getting all these software tools can really boost my confidence to excel more in poker gaming rooms.

Poker Rooms

HandHQ presently works on these three online poker sites such as: Full tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and Party Poker, I-Poker, On Game, B2B Entraction. More sites are being considered and will be added soon however anyone is obliged to recognize that the method functions rather closely in locations that are kept in a level that requires more work. The main objective of the software is that, poker is being drawn out while anybody is presently idle.

Monitoring Poker Players

With Hand HQ  it comes to my realization that it does not just store hand histories to your file, it can transmit and relocate them into a Poker Tracker; the software package also stores lead trails of all in forcing and active tables and bring in any recent active tables in its round-checks, monitoring and observation of hand histories. All these are observed in spontaneous, complete, secluded and isolate manner. And, everything is presented in a faultless, flawless and professional fashion. Hand HQ, for me, is efficient, well-organized and resourceful tool that is important and necessary in the arena of poker games.

online poker hands

Hand HQ Customers Say:

“If you need online poker hand histories use Hand HQ ;).”

Daniel V., Netherlands

“The perfect online poker play is hidden in the details & the hand histroy analysis is a part of it.”

Takishi T., Japan
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