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Tournament Shark

Published on Saturday, October 23, 2010 by

Tournament Shark Review

Tournament Shark is a nifty bit of software that attaches to your tournament tables and gives you a quick statistical summary of your opponent’s performance in tournaments. The program draws on the tournament results database of Pro Poker Labs, which is a (relatively) new database, with results stretching back into 2007. TS appears as an addition to the table, on the bottom, as opposed to an overlay-style display such as Poker AceHUD.

Poker Pro Labs has done a fantastic job with Tournament Shark. With all of the features and vast amounts of information that the program provides, we expected Tournament Shark to really eat up processing time, but it runs smooth as silk and didn’t cause us a single problem during the week we spent reviewing the program.

Poker Tournament Tool

Tournament Shark automatically senses your open tournament tables, looks up each player at the table, and displays their win rate, finish position frequency, number of games tracked, and assigns each player a card to grade their overall performance. An Ace is a player you don’t want at your table, while that deuce to your left is a great guy to play hands with. The program draws on a large database of tournaments that grows every day, including coverage of over 98% of the tournaments at the major sites.

The program provides what amounts to an overview of your opponent’s performance, with a statistical display for each player that includes the following information: Total games, Avg profit, Avg ROI (not on PokerStars), Avg Buyin, Recent ITM win rate, and a percentage breakdown of where the opponent tends to finish (early, middle, late and so on)

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