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Tournament Indicator

Published on Saturday, August 28, 2010 by

Tournament Indicator

There are several online poker tools available in the market but not most of them offer odds, outs and stats for poker tournaments. Most poker tools are developed for ring games and the tournament Indicator has become one of the best poker tools that carters for tournaments. The tournament Indicator is available for a trial period of 48hrs for players who need to check on the performance and functions of the tool and the tool helps you to improve your tournament skills. Poker tournament strategies are excessively different from ring games.

Tournament Indicator attaches itself by detecting your table automatically.  The tool provides you with two windows – opponents stats and m-zone. The m-zone is very useful during game play and this is the feature used by most poker professionals. The m-zone has a green and red region, if the m-zone is greater at the red region this means that you are unsafe and green means very safe. The m-zone helps you in your decision-making and you are provided with stats, odds, and pot odds. All the stats change in real-time as your hand advances.

Poker Tournament Tool

The opponents stats windows shows the WSD, WSDW, VPIP, PFR, streak and balance and identifies each opponents style of play. This way, the tool automatically shows you ways on how to tackle each opponents and giving you great gaming advice during game play. Unlike other poker tools, the tournament Indicator does not make you to avoid tight players but rather face them or you are out of the tournament. The tool automatically gives you an advice for the best setting to adjust according to the game style of your opponents.

One interesting aspect about the Tournament Indicator is that it shows the m-zone for each opponents and this helps you to understand how to face each particular opponents and gain more chips. Each m-zone will provide different strategies and this give you an added advantage against your opponents.


There are several benefits of using the Tournament Indicator. The tool provides you with gaming advice in real-time and this will help you to sharpen your tournament skills. It analyses you hand and the stats change in real-time as the hand advances during, the flop, turn and river.  With the Tournament Indicator, it features the MatchCard Showdown that displays a group of card you could be facing – low pairs, high pairs, suited connectors and so on. Tournament Indicator provides several features and it certainly helps you to get a winning edge during game play.

Poker Tournament Tool

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