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A country which prides itself on its gambling history

Published on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 by

Gambling in Canada


One of the most sparsely populated yet beautiful countries in the world, gambling continues to be a very popular pastime in Canada. Just like their American neighbour which is home to Las Vegas, there are many opportunities to experience the excitement of gambling. Whether this is online gambling or bookmakers who are based on the high street, Canada has a vibrant gambling community where it was once only played in particular regions. However, gambling in Canada has recently experienced criticism because of its government’s attitude to offshore gambling.


In Canada, only provincial governments are able to run online gambling sites. However, it has recently been reported that 2,000 gambling sites operate outside of Canada and considerable sums of money are spent by Canadians. It is estimated that $4 billion a year is spent in the online casino Canada market. So, what is the Canadian government implementing in order to overcome this situation?


Experts in Canada are reporting that the reason behind why the Canadian government hasn’t pursued this matter is because the public have accepted offshore online casinos; as long as the public see no problem in offshore casinos, why should this be scrutinised at all?


The Canadian Gaming Association has responded to this news, and their comments may lead to laws or regulations being implemented which will change the gaming industry. They have commented that offshore sites should be legalized and regulated as well. If the Canadian government followed these instructions, it would “provide customers with greater peace of mind and ensure transparency of rules and secure environments in which to play.”


As the United States has a strict policy on gambling, especially as the Department of Justice have clamped down on many online sites such as Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars, current Canadian gambling laws may soon change in the not-too-distant future.

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